Learn more about Vertess and their services

Learn more about Vertess and their services

            An amazing way to communicate with groups and to make sure your audience comprehends the message you are communicating is through professional presentations. Presentations are beneficial in a lot of ways in the workplace. This is a great idea for organizations to infuse time into training their employees to have excellent skills in presenting. If you have adequate presentation skills, this only means you’re good at communicating. By speaking evidently, and getting your message and ideas across to people well, there’ll be less miscommunication in your life. Presentations need event planning, writing, preparation, and the use of visual aids. If you want to learn the best tips for speaking and presenting, you can also check out some of the best healthcare professionals, such as VERTESS.

 Get to know more about VERTESS

            VERTESS has been created from the ground up by committed healthcare entrepreneurs who are licensed as Merger and Acquisition professionals. Their team members have built, established, led, and exited various types of healthcare companies, providing a precise understanding of the needs of their clients. Their experiences range from the Founder of a creative DME company and the COO for an international healthcare relation to the head of Mergers and Acquisitions at a supreme national provider of community and home-based health and human services.

They can aid you with professional speaking and presenting can motivate an audience to perceive the world in a new way. To encourage others to follow a new direction, and to act with determination and commitment. Successful presentations may include important data to inform leaders about necessary strategic initiatives and market development. They also provide tailored presentations to professional societies, and healthcare companies, and answer your inquiries.

Consultation involves:

  • Leadership mentoring/ Coaching
  • Implementation/ Strategy development
  • Professional speaking/ presentations

One of the most hard times for a healthcare business owner is executing and planning a productive transition while discovering the ideal value during a transaction.

VERTESS has aided plenty of healthcare businesses as both buy-side and sell-side advisor to boost the financial value of the company and arrange the ideal price when they decide to sell their company or grow through acquisition. Their expertise extends manifold human services, healthcare, and medical device verticals, expanding from intellectual/ developmental disabilities to DME, healthcare, pharmacies, and a lot more. Their managing directors have owned healthcare firms and know the challenges the investors and owners face, they’ve used that experience. Their consulting expertise supports dozens of nonprofits and firms to reach their enterprising goals.