Whispers of Romance: Definitive List of Telugu Love Stories

Whispers of Romance: Definitive List of Telugu Love Stories

Explore the world of aha, a remarkable OTT platform that breaks through standard entertainment barriers. aha is more than a streaming platform; it’s like an ocean of diverse Telugu content brought together to meet the wide palate of viewers. aha is your one-stop destination for the latest Telugu movies, with its wide library covering every genre imaginable, presenting you with a fantastic cinematic experience. Let’s unravel the tales of love, drama, and suspense with three remarkable movies on aha: Madhu, Matti Katha, and Baby.

  • Month of Madhu:

Month of Madhu is a romantic drama movie in the Telugu language directed by Srikanth Nagothi and released in 2023. The film is produced by Yaswanth Mulukutla and stars Naveen Chandra and Swathi Reddy in mesmerizing lead roles. The movie, released on 6 October 2023, narrates a touching tale of Lekha and Madhusudhan Rao, who are twenty years into their marriage. Alongside the arrival of an NRI teenager, Madhumitha creates sudden turns and churns in their personal relationships. Watch this heartrending drama on aha Movies as it reveals the complexities of relationships in decisions about destiny. Check out the world of Telugu loves movies by downloading the latest Telugu movie on aha.

  • Matti Katha:

Per Pavan Kadiyala, Matti Kathaa is a story set in the rustic setting of a village near Hyderabad. The film chronicles the lives of three college mates and their youthful fun up until a devastating tragedy where they are forced to lose cherished ancestral land. As the story progresses, a thrilling family drama is discovered, exposing an insidious plot by the leader of a village. Mattikatha focuses on the emotional aspects of family relations and societal conflicts, featuring Raju Aluri, Mallesh BG as well, and Nanda Kishore. Watch this exciting drama on aha, your one-stop for Telugu love movies and gripping stories.

  • Baby:

Baby is a Telugu warm-hearted Coming-of-age Film Directed by Sai Rajesh Neelam. The movie beautifully narrates the love story between two teenagers, Vaishnavi and Anand. Vaishnavi Chaitanya breathes life into the character of Vaishnavi, and Anand Devarakonda plays it with grace and sophistication. Baby is a lively movie centred on the lives of two youngsters, set against the bustling background of urban Hyderabad slums. Baby on aha Movies is not merely a movie. It’s an experience that captures the true spirit of young love in all its glory.

Telugu Romantic Drama Movies on aha Platform: 

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